Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wade Boss: Hybrid Hunter by Marcus MacGregor

From the back cover:
    Dangerous new world. Old-fashioned hero. 
    Texas cowboy. Hollywood stuntman. World-class animal trainer. For Wade Boss, creating the illusion of danger is all in a day's work. But when an unexpected phone call brings him face to face with a terrifying, nameless creature, it's life and death for real.
    And his troubles have only begun. Before he knows it, Wade finds himself enlisted by a mysterious government agency in a desperate race to contain genetic science gone mad!
    Who is behind the monstrous hybrids? How can they be stopped? To his own amazement, Wade soon realizes that all he holds dear depends on the answers. To find them, he must brave a tempest of claws and fangs, in which each nail-biting encounter is more shocking than the last!

My review:
Looking for an action adventure story that not only you will like but that your kids can read and enjoy as well? Or maybe you want a good science-fiction story that brings unheard of creatures leaping off the page? Or how about a story about a hero who always chooses to do what's right? If you're interested in any of these, then Wade Boss Hybrid Hunter is for you. 

The author does a great job of describing the hybrids in such vivid detail that you can see them in your mind's eye. And let me tell ya, some of them are just a wee bit scary! And while this book is fiction, it taught me something that I honestly did not know about hybrids. I won't go into details because I don't want to take a chance on giving any of the story away but how's that for a teen fiction novel? Entertaining and informative.  

And Wade Boss is definitely different than many of the other "heroes" that you'll find in much of today's fiction. Especially fiction for teens. But, he's different in a good way. You don't always find old-fashioned values used in a lot of hero stories nowadays but this character uses his in his struggle to do the right thing at the cost of doing what everyone else thinks is best for him. Not only does he choose to do what's right to help protect the population from the creatures that he's up against, he does what's right by the hybrids as well. 

I also liked how the character was introduced as a Christian and was shown to be a Christian by his actions but the book wasn't something that a teen would find "preachy". I really enjoyed this book and I know my son will, too.

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