Thursday, August 16, 2012

Alcatraz The Lost Pearl (Love, God & Tattoos Book 1) by Aleshia Robinson

From the back cover:

Fifteen year old Alcatraz is being chased. Born and raised in a loving family, she suddenly finds herself fending for her life on the streets of Los Angeles. Consumed with anger, hurt and confusion, Alcatraz turns to the spiritual realm to find life's answers. While experimenting with pagan spells, Buddhist chants, and yoga sutras, she continually encounters a spirit who claims He is God. The Truth she learns from this spiritual quest introduces her to the unexpected world of divine healing, acceptance and unconditional love. 

About the author: 
Aleshia Robinson is a lover of truth and freedom. Jesus freak. Sex trafficking activist. Missionary. Yoga and Pilates junkie. Wheatgrass fanatic. Decoupager. A spa, salon and restaurant enthusiast. Coffeehouse snob. Hotel hopper. Spanish lover. Latin dancing queen. Music worshipper. She also enjoys writing edgy Christian fiction that awakens souls to the true heart of God.

I have to admit that when I was first asked to do this review, I was intrigued more by the title of this series than I was by the story information I'd been given. Not that it didn't sound like a great story, it did. It sounded great! However, I'm a big fan of God and love and yes, tattoos. :) So, that's what originally caught my attention.

But, once I started reading...the story drew me in.

I mean, really, how could it not? Katherine (aka Alcatraz) has a loving family and a comfortable home life until tragedy strikes. Then she finds herself alone and struggling in the world. While trying to not only survive but to also make some sense out of life she embarks on a journey to find spiritual truth. A journey that I'm sure many people will be able to relate to. 

I love how Alcatraz's life changes completely within the pages of this book. Not only when she loses her family but as she's searching for truth. And isn't that the way it truly is in real life? Our lives change as we come to Jesus.

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