Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cheryl's Random Tuesday Countdown

Cheryl posted these questions on her blog in a post called A Random Tuesday Countdown and since I haven't done anything like this recently (and I really miss it), I'm going to answer them here. If you'd like to join in Cheryl's Random Tuesday Countdown go to her blog.

Five People I Really Wouldn't Mind Being...

1. Stephenie Meyer - no, I don't really think her writing is the best but I'd love to have a book on the NYT Best Seller List and have it be the "best-selling book of the year" (which supposedly Twilight was in 2008).

2. MacGyver - because you have to admit... he was cool.

3. Diane Sawyer - a KY native (woohoo). I've always admired her.

4. Any of the women from Celtic Woman - they all have such beautiful voices and I am a woman who can not carry a tune.

5. Myself - because I am me, just the way God created me, and I like being myself more than I'd like being anyone else.

Four Things I Really Like Right Now...

1. Black Cherry scented candles.

2. Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish crackers.

3. My new laptop :)

4. Flip-flops (I always like them but when the weather first starts warming up after winter I fall in love with them all over again.)

Three Movies I've Seen Recently...

1. The Bible: In the Beginning - John Huston directed this in 1966. It came on TBN (Easter weekend I think) and we DVRed it and the kids and I watched it the other day.

2. Another Cinderella Story - Selena Gomez from The Wizards of Waverly Place stars in this.

3. Twilight

Two Things I'm Looking Forward To...

1. I ordered the kiddos' curriculum for next year and I'm really looking forward to getting it in the mail and looking through it :D

2. Going hiking this summer. (The weather has to get a little bit warmer and it needs to rain less for us to do that.)

One Lesson I'm Learning...

1. That to truely love someone we have to do it without conditions AND without expectations. Sure, everyone knows that unconditional love is awesome but most of us love one another having expectations for that other person. Many times these expectations are too high and too hard for them to live up to. And when they fail, we still love them, but we feel disappointment that we also instill in them. I'm learning that it's not fair to love someone and expect something back or expect them to behave in a certain way or be a certain way or do certain things. I'm learning (or at least I'm trying to learn) how to love people without any expectations at all. Complete love without conditions or expectations.


sheila said...

I like the thing thing you said about being yourself. That is so true we need to be what God would have us to be, not what we want to be.

Delia said...

It's hard sometimes to discern the two but when you do, you realize that what He wants is much better than what we wanted.

Carole said...

I'm with you on Celtic Woman, Delia! They were on Dancing with the Stars this week and sang "You Raise Me Up." Professional dancers did an interpretive dance routine also, and the combination gave me chills.

Delia said...

Carole ~ Oh wow, I bet it was awesome! Sorry I missed it. A friend of mine first introduced me to Celtic Woman a while back and I absolutely LOVE them.